(Rule one being: If it’s not fun, don’t do it)
It’s all very well creating a wonderfully complex character, with beautifully messy relationships and gorgeous kit, but if you turn up to an event with no idea what your character is going to *do* in uptime, you are going to struggle having consistent fun, especially if you go to a player led, rather than plot led game. Having IC, and/or OOC goals can help you to be active, and get yourself involved in the game. 

On the subject of IC vs OC goals, I have the following to say: Try and make them different. If your IC goals are the same as your OC goals, then your character failing will start to feel like *you* failing, and that just isn’t fun. For example, if your IC goal is to kill the king, and you end up being killed *by* the king, in front of your one true love, after an epic fight, then that is *awesome*, I mean, that’s so beautiful and tragic and great! But if your OC goal was to kill the king, you’re gonna come out of that feeling like you lost. Which would be sad, because awesome roleplay is never losing! 

It is sensible to make sure your OC goals are less to do with “things my character will achieve” and more to do with “Following Rule One”, i.e. having fun, and self care. Your first OC goal should *always* be to have fun. Other excellent examples of OC goals are things like:

  • Add to someone else’s fun
  • Make time for quiet interpersonal roleplay with person Y
  • Do a good job of self care, remember to eat, drink, etc.
  • Make sure I get a chance to sing/fight/argue/whatever-roleplay-thing-you-enjoy
  • Don’t be on fire. 

IC goals, are a different kettle of fish. My general rule is that you should make sure your character has at least one short term, medium term and long term/stretch goal. People often make the mistake of only thinking very long, or very short term. Having a long term/stretch goal of “Take over the world [evil laugh]” is great, but when you come in as a level one warrior, then that’s a long way off and you’ve not got much motivation to get involved in anything that doesn’t aid your world domination plans. On the other foot, a goal of “I’m going to sing songs and try and earn 30 shillings” is probably fun for an event. And then you’ve earnt 30 shillings, and well, what next? So yes, at least one of each kind. 

Short term goals. These should be manageable during one event. Good examples include:

  • I will sing for character X. 
  • I will talk to all the important politicians in my nation at least once. 
  • I will murder one other character and steal their stuff
  • I will do a ritual in the magic ritual circle and cackle evilly at the fallout. 

Mid term goals. These should require a little more plotting, and scheming to make them happen will become a constant and fun part of your game. Mid term goals are things like:

  • I will become the leader of my faction. 
  • I will pull off a significant heist. 
  • I will assassinate a significant person of interest.

Long term/stretch goals. These are where you can go a little wild. These are your end-goal “wouldn’t it be awesome if” ambitions. It is unlikely you will manage them, but the idea is to have fun trying, and if you do, it will be *amazing*. (Or if you get real close and fail dramatically? Also amazing) Ideas include:

  • Become the SUPREME RULER/ Ascend to Godhood.
  • Start/Win a war
  • Kill everyone because it was the RIGHT thing to do. 
  • Kill everyone because it was the WRONG thing to do.
  • Become the greatest [insert whatever you do here] IN THE WORLD. 

If you have all three of these (they are often connected- that’s fine) Then you will *always* have something to do during uptime, and you’ll always have something to plot, and most importantly, you will significantly improve your chances of having fun. 

Hooray! If you have thoughts on Goals, please comment, tell me your thinky-brain-thoughts 🙂