I’m sitting at my desk typing this, with a mug of pasta, and an exciting array of junk food, and a glorious, free weekend stretching ahead of me. (The mug of pasta isn’t stretching ahead of me, that would be weird.) I was *meant* to be going to a LARP this weekend. I have paid for said LARP, and I’m not getting my money back. So why am I gorging on pasta and Netflix? Well, two reasons:

  • I’ve got a cold, that a weekend in a replica viking village would do nothing to help
  • I’ve very little keen for the event (not because I don’t think it will be amazing- I’m sure it will be, it’s more that my character has little to do, and I don’t have the right brain space at the moment.)
This is me. Both hamsters are me. 

But I *paid* for the event! I’m wasting money by sitting here on my lonesome eating pasta! WRONG. It’s a very easy train of thought. It has lead to me doing things I didn’t want to do so many times, and I’ve watched other LARPers make the same mistake. So lemme explain. This is the Sunk Costs Fallacy. It’s the belief that the more you have invested in something, the more worthwhile it is. That because you’ve paid for a thing, you’ve got to use it, or go to it, or keep it forever, because otherwise you have WASTED MONEY and you are TERRIBLE. No, things are only worth what they are worth to you, today, regardless of the money paid for them in the past.

No… Guys…. that’s not what I meant…

That’s not to say you should blindly spend money on things you don’t want, you should always make your decisions with the best information you have available. But information changes, and that is OK. So, when you buy a ticket for a LARP event, you aren’t buying your mandatory attendance at that event. You are buying the *option* to spend that period of time at a LARP event. And hopefully, come that time, you will want to do that thing. But on the day of the event, the cost of doing the event is zero, and the cost of staying home is also zero. So IGNORE the money, and do the thing that is gonna be fun. It’s a hard concept to get your head around, but once you do, it allows guilt free decision making, and fun maximisation and THAT’S IMPORTANT FOLKS!

The same logic applies when you are *at* games. Again, I’ve fallen foul of the train of thought that goes “Well, I’m here, I’ve paid, best spend every second IC to get my monies worth, and do all the things even though I’m getting exhausted” etc etc etc. And guess what. Same logic applies. You’ve paid for the *option* of going on that 3am quest, or, if you felt inclined, heading OOC, and getting some sleep. So always do the thing that maximises fun, the money’s already spent.

It’s me, and I’m OK with that.

Peace Out Y’all. And enjoy your weekend, I plan to.